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Barnstone Figure 04 Vesse l.jpg

The wall between- shelter vessel, are part of a larger body of work that investigates issues related to architectural space, form and structure at the scale of the object, rather than the building.  These pieces began with a critical investigation of vessels of darkness, containers of the unknown, and the power of the void, and continue with the investigation into form and frame making. The scale of the sculpture, larger than the human body but smaller than a shelter, allows the investigation to focus on the viewer’s imagination as a tool for perception, instead of his/her senses.  The space contained within each piece is only accessible to the mind, in contrast to architectural space, which is accessible to vision and the body.  By forcing the mind’s eye to enter into the object, to explore the breadth and form of the void, the pieces prompt the viewer to transcend the limitations of the physical.


The act of constructing a conceptual space initiates a second presencing of the object: the object and all its apparent referents in material and form and the world of the imagination, a ghost of the subconscious.  Therefore the piece presents the aspect of the void as equally important as the material substance of the work, it gives the work volume and presence, it is a paradoxical transformation of materiality.  It is in this way that the objects straddle the boundary between architecture and object, architecture by its nature is a concept of space and a container of space or better yet space itself. The intention behind the work is simply to evoke resonant qualities, to provoke curiosity and thoughtful observation on the part of the viewer.  By engaging the space of the imagination, the forces of analogy begin the search for referents with which to place this object in the world.  

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